6th Annual 5-SLN Conference

October 26-28, 2020

Platinum Sponsorship
Australian Global Forwarding of Australia
Gold Sponsorship
GLN - Global Logistics Network (MoU Partner) of Netherlands
GLSN - Global Logistics Summit Network (Associate) of USA
Now365 Logistics of New Zealand
Phoenix Global Freight Group of Greece
TS Logistics GmbH Sea & Air of Germany
Silver Sponsorship
Bronze Sponsorship
Arctic Shipping Services of India
China Wellfast Logistics of China
CTI Global Logistics of Hong Kong
Dafarra & Seves (was DG Air & Sea) of Italy
Dolphin Logistics of Taiwan
GCL Maritime of Belgium
Globe Shipping & Logistics of Nepal
GSAN - Global Ship Agencies Network (Associate) of Netherlands
Interglobal Forwarders of USA
Janel Group of USA
Omni Cargo Solutions of Romania
Prestige Global Int'l of Thailand
Regroup Logistics of Australia
Riege Software Int'l (Associate) of Germany
Rimas Logistic Services of Jordan
T L World of Sri Lanka
TreLog LLC - Shipping, Freight & Projects of United Arab Emirates
Trustful Logistics of Netherlands
Windart Int'l Logistics of China
Country Company Name Attendee Name / Job Title